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The Special Life Project

 Special Needs Quality Life Coaching for Parents and Families

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The Special Life Project

It's time to UNLEASH that Special Life for your child and your family 

Parenting is hard. What more if you're raising a special needs child? It could be overwhelming for parents like us to deal with day-to-day demands of balancing acts among family, work, and attending to the needs of our special needs child. I'm here to help you...

U - ncover your child's potentials 

N - ot keep your stress to yourself

L- earn how your child learns 

E - explore opportunities for growth 

A- ttend to the needs of your child and family 

S-ee self-care as just as important as caring for your child and family 

H- ave a co-active life coach who'll make you accountable and motivated in achieving that "special life" for your child and family.

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The Road to Special Life

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From Anxiety to Clarity

Roadmap To Your Child and Family 

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From Panic to Peace

A Meditative Approach to Special Life

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What Parents and Families Say About Special Needs Quality Life Coaching

A life coach can help parents — especially parents who are raising children with disabilities — take care of themselves while taking care of their family.My life coach helped me identify my goals and the steps needed to achieve them, guiding me through what I saw as obstacles and helped me make decisions.

Lisa Marie 

If there’s one missing piece in the journey of parents with special needs from the day of diagnosis – that would be life coaching. If only we were constantly coached, and if only we have known this option as far better than Developmental Pediatricians do, then perhaps, we have done better in keeping the balance in the family while maximizing the potential of our daughter.


Family coaching addresses the well-being of all of you: parents, siblings and special needs child alike. It’s natural"and necessary"to focus a lot of energy on the child with special needs. But if you neglect yourself, your spouse or your other children, everyone suffers. Family coaches provide tools and strategies to help everyone thrive


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1110 San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead, CA


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About Coach P

The First and the Only Certified Special Needs Life Coach from the Philippines 

I am a results-oriented Consultant and aim to help my clients achieve all of their goals. I have years of experience in the industry and have worked every step of the way. Take a look at my academic and professional milestones.

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Cohort 35, 2021

Certified Special Needs Life Coach, TERI, CA, USA

TERI (Training, Education, Research and Innovation), CA, USA is the only institution in the world that certifies Special Needs Quality Life Coaches. The certification has equipped me to specialize in the said field. The certification also opened a wide array of tools and resources available for special needs families and individuals.

Cohort 1, 2021

Certified Impact x Freedom Life Coach

Being Cohort 1 of Impact x Freedom Program (IFP) has led me to a clearer path of life coaching using the latest in information and Internet technology. With IFP, I can efficiently conduct various life coaching programs that would equip families and individuals toward achieving their goals.

Cohort 12, 2019

Certified Life Coach, Coaching Essentials, TLC 

The basics and essentials of life coaching were laid down for me on this course. So the training honed me to be the best professional in the field of life coaching. TLC provides the best tools in the ethical practice of the business of life coaching. TLC also effectively incorporates contemplative and meditative practices into life coaching.

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